The 4 C's of Diamonds




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Diamond Cut

                               Diamond Cut is the most important of the "Four Cs". Learn more about cut and its impact on brilliance and how to select the best cut for your budget.

  Diamond Color

Diamond ColorColorless diamonds are the most desirable since they allow the most sparkle. Learn how color affects a diamond and how to choose the best stone to fit your budget.

Diamond Clarity

Diamond ClarityClear diamonds create more brilliance and are more valuable. Learn how to find the best clarity grade for your budget.

  Carat Weight

Carat WeightCarat is the most basic of the "Four Cs". Because large diamonds are more rare, they have a greater value. Read on to learn how carat impacts price and the appearance of a diamond.

 The 4 C's of Diamonds - Diamond Cut - Diamond Color - Diamond Clarity - Carat Weight