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The pristine environment of the South Seas is home to the world's largest and rarest pearl oyster, Pinctada Maxima, the mother of the South Sea Pearls. This oyster is rarely South Sea Pearlsfound in nature, and its pearl is rarer still.

To protect its delicate body, the Pinctada Maxima coats the interior of its shell with lavers of "nacre" or mother of pearl. A pearl is formed when a nucleus is introduced into the shell, and the oyster coats it with lavers of this opalescent material to create the giant pearls we find so alluring;.

While the Pinctada Maxima produces the finest quality cultured pearls, it is extremely difficult to grow. For more than 70 years, Paspaley has dedicated itself to understanding the secrets of this solitary oyster and protecting the pure environment it needs to produce this queen of gems.

A closer look at different aspects of the pearling process reveals the extent of the effort and expertise required to produce Paspaley unique  South Sea Pearl Jewelry.



Just as striking as traditional pearl jewelry are the contemporary adaptations of pearl designs. Over the years, innovative designers from around the world have broken down the old "twin-set and pearls" cliché with fresh and exciting interpretations of this timeless accessory. Available in a range of unique shapes and sizes, and featured in a never-ending array of designs including the finest South Sea Pearl Earrings and South Sea Pearl Necklace, pearls are always high on the fashion agenda, with countless style gurus and celebrities embracing the natural beauty of the Paspaley South Sea cultured pearl.South Sea Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are the only gems that emerge from nature perfect and complete. Unlike diamonds and gemstones, they cannot be improved through cutting and polishing. Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but when it comes to enduring symbols of love and purity that are shaped by nature herself, nothing seduces a woman like pearls from the Stuller & Paspaley South Sea Pearl Jewelry collection.


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Our collection of South Sea Pearl Jewelry including the finest South Sea Pearl Earrings, South Sea Pearl Necklace and Rings are natures perfect gift. The Stuller and Paspaley Pearls is the perfect choice when only the best will do for you or your loved one. This is not only the finest of quality but a statement of beauty for all to see and admire.

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