The Strand




The Seduction of Strands


The meticulous matching required to create a superior strand can take up to a decade. Each pearl is individually selected until  a perfectly balanced strand is obtained.


Luster is the most distinguishing factor when viewing the South Sea Pearl strand. All the pearls are of exceptional luster guaranteed to be of natural color and luster, untreated and unenhanced by any artificial means. This commitment to quality means that the beauty of these strands will not diminish over time with proper care.


Each South Sea cultured pearl strand, using Paspaley pearls includes an 18KY interchangeable pearl clasp and a complimentary Swaps Collection Nitrile collar as pictured here providing you with two distinctive looks in one.


Another unique feature of these amazing strands is the special knotting technique. This technique, pioneered by Paspaley, appears knotless, giving a smoother look to the strand. The strand will not slacken in the same way as other traditional knotting techniques.