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You want a Diamond at a Fair Price and be assured you are getting what you paid for.

You want a Guarantee to Trade Up later and receive Full Credit for what you paid.

You also want Security if it is Lost or Stolen.

You Want a Red Box Diamond®


The information provided below should help you in your selection, whether you do business with us or another company.

To request a price please email us with your requirements, cut (shape), color, clarity and carat weight to or call 502-896-0600.


Think Before You Buy a Diamond
Don't be fooled private certificates offered by some retailers. Just because a diamond is said to be certified and uses the same grading marks such as VS clarity, H-I color etc. does not mean it is graded by the same high standards as a stone graded by a certified various diamond cut and shapesgemological diamond grading company. Many dealers have their own in-store self created certificates. In short, even though two stones may have the same grade that does not mean you are comparing the same quality stones. Insist the stone be graded by an internationally known grading company. We use only the top rated grading companies.

Some Questions To Ask
Has the diamond been color treated or is it natural? Is the diamond clarity enhanced or is it natural?  A clarity enhanced diamond, is one that has been drilled to remove carbon and filled with a clear substance. In either case someday when you take your ring in for repair and the jeweler heats it with a torch, the filling may turn color and/or come out, returning the diamond to a less desirable state.

You want comfort in buying a diamond   
The answer is a certified
Red Box Diamond® (a diamond 3/8th of a carat or larger) from The Jeweler’s Touch of Class in Louisville, KY. The Red Box Diamond® program is sponsored by Stuller, the largest and most reputable wholesale jewelry supplier company in the United States and a listed diamond sight holder. These diamonds are certified by Stuller, GIA, AGS, IGI or EGL.  

What are the advantages of a Red Box Diamond®:
A Red Box Certificate means the diamond was graded by an independent third party certified diamond grader, not your jeweler or the store doing the selling. No one should be able dispute the authenticity of your diamond. 

A Red Box Diamond® grading certificate also gives you the detailed information needed to compare diamonds for cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. This information will help in comparing prices. diamond cut diagram

Your diamond will have a laser inscribed serial number on the girdle to easily identify it and to prevent someone from switching it if in for repair. This number matches the certificate number.                                                  

You can have confidence that the diamond you are purchasing will hold its value over time. Should you wish to upgrade to a larger or better quality Red Box Diamond®, you will be given you full credit of the amount paid towards a new diamond. This is for the diamond only and does not include the amount paid for the mounting.

Red Box Diamond® Program also includes a full year of insurance, absolutely free. This protection provides you with worldwide coverage against theft, loss or mysterious disappearance. Free coverage of the Red Box Diamond® begins on the postmarked date of the registration form and there is no deductible.
Disclaimer: The insurance policy is the customer’s responsibility to activate and is offered by our diamond supplier and not The Jeweler’s Touch of Class. The Jeweler’s Touch of Class in Louisville, KY is not responsible in any way for insurance claims.

 Additional information on the Red Box Diamond® Program can be seen here:

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